In Search of My Sexy Old Self

Re-discovering sex after sixty and beyond

Cathy Thomas

Hi, I’m Cathy. Welcome to my website. I am really excited to be able to announce the publication of my new book, In Search Of My Sexy Old Self: Re-discovering sex after sixty and Beyond.

How did I come to write it? Well, I used to be a social researcher once upon a time and was involved in quite a few studies about aging and its effects on health and lifestyle. Did that involve asking questions about older people and sex? Of course not – those two things don’t go together, do they?

But they do. As I found out in my 60’s and 70’s when things began to happen to my sexuality (and my partner’s) that I had never imagined or prepared for. So I figured that if I wasn’t prepared for these things there are probably other people out there just like me who would like to know more.

My book is the story of discovering lots of things about growing older and sex. From attitudes to aging and sexuality, how seniors experience sexual relationships, the fantastic amount of information now available to seniors on the internet, to suggesting ways to communicate better about sex, build intimacy and enliven the libido. Did this book change my life? Yes it did.

Each chapter of the book includes suggested reading and tasks to help readers discover more about their own sexuality and make their own journey. Join me on the discovery path.

Would love to have you write your comments about the book or relate stories of your experience discovering or re-discovering sex after sixty. We are all learning.

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Latest Reviews

joan-priceJoan Price, Author & Public Speaker


I recommend this well-written and buoyant book especially for readers who want a gentler, more one-step-at-a-time pace in rediscovering their sex lives than I often promote. Whereas I may seem to push you into a “just do it” attitude whether talking to a partner or a doctor or self-pleasuring with sex toys, I know that many of you might appreciate a more gradual approach. This book may be just right for you. - 23rd November 2016 - Read full review

5-stars   Wonderful advice for everyone over 60

A remarkable achievement. How come there aren’t a few more books like this around? It’s very entertaining book, too, written with great verve and charm and with a lot of humour running underneath it all.
But despite the lightness of touch, a great deal of research has gone into it, and anyone over sixty can get to find out about how to get their sex life back on track if they are finding that it’s dwindling.
I’m only surprised that it hasn’t been taken up by one of the major publishers

By reader on November 1, 2016 -

Paperback and Kindle versions of the book are now available from Amazon

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