Seniors and the way we see them

emotional-50309_640I have been thinking a lot about the way older people are portrayed in the media and in our everyday world. There is the occasional fiftyish couple with slim, fit bodies, uber-luxuriant grey hair, holding hands as they walk, smiling, around a golf course, courtesy of their chosen retirement village. Sexual intimacy is implied but it doesn’t seem quite real. More often seniors might be seen smiling benignly, minding grandchildren and forgetting things.

Rarely can you find any features, ads, promos of older couples ‘making out’ or even doing normal things together like going out to dinner, movies – enjoying themselves – living, being sexy.

Maybe it’s a complicated chicken and egg kind of thing: does the media portray older people as they really are? Do older people accept the way the media portrays them as reality and become like the stereotype? Or is there something else going on altogether?

As statistics seem to show that something else is going on – many seniors have great sex lives – why are we not portrayed as sexual beings in the mainstream every-day media?